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I Am Beautiful

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Nothing compares to the belief that you are beautiful – inside and out!  Throughout life, role models and society may have left us feeling “less than beautiful.”  Let this song inspire you to believe you are BEAUTIFUL!

mitch heider inspirations for change cd
Inspirations For Change is an excellent and inspiring self-help cd created to inspire positive changes in individuals. Delivered in spoken word coupled with music, every song has a message that will encourage personal growth and change in yourself! Download your favorite song and add it to your music collection today!


I’m Gonna Live For Today

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I’m Gonna Live For Today teaches us to live in the moment. Our minds can become cluttered with too many thoughts, which can prevent us from focusing on NOW. Let this song inspire you to live for today!

About Inspirations For Change

Inspirations for change is a wonderful collection of spoken word music designed to inspire growth and change in individuals, and provides an entertaining alternative to self-help books or books on tape – something that can be listened to while driving, while exercising, or while cleaning!! 

All of the songs are delivered in spoken word, and all but one have a chorus that becomes the affirmation to the message of the song. Phrases like I will face my fears, I will live in peace, and live for today will remain with you long after you listen to the song, and hopefully, because you like the music, you will listen to it numerous times!!! 

When you find yourself wanting to make a positive change in your life, listen to Inspirations For Change. I hope this self help music will help you as much as it helps me. ~Mitch Heider~

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Take a look inside of yourself What do you see? I know what I see. I see beauty. Beauty all within you. So just say it

I am beautiful!

I am beautiful!

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I want you to try something. Try to live right now for this moment-and this moment only. It will make you feel good.

I’m gonna live for today!

I’m gonna live for today!

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What could be a better affirmation to repeat than I will live in peace – that’s peace on earth and peace within.

I will live in peace!

I will live in peace!

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We learn by taking action. And we remain the same by doing nothing. We need to keep on moving.

Gotta keep on moving!

Gotta keep on moving on!

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